How to Split Outlook PST Files

PST ErrorWhat is the PST file?

A PST file stores all of your personal data from Microsoft Outlook, including emails, contact information, calendar entries, and more. It can be accessed even when your computer is offline.

Outlook ScannerWhy do I need to split the PST file?

As your PST file fills up with data, Outlook gets slower and slower. This is incredibly annoying and can waste valuable time. In some cases, the PST file can get so full that it locks you out of Outlook entirely.

PST RepairThe Easy Solution

The best way to fix this problem is to split your PST file down into smaller file sizes. This can be done by using a PST splitter program

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If you use Microsoft Outlook, then you access something called a PST file on a daily basis. The PST file stores your personal data – like emails, contacts, and calendar entries – when your computer is offline, and is absolutely vital to the functioning of Outlook.

Unfortunately, over time, this PST file can slow down as it fills up with more and more data. If you let this problem continue for too long, your PST file can even lock you out of the program entirely, which means that you can’t send or receive emails or access important information like contacts and calendar entries.

This isn’t a random error. In fact, it happens to almost every Outlook user. Since the PST file is limited to a mere 2GB in size, Outlook will start to slow down as it approaches that limit before eventually freezing entirely. For most computer users, 2GB is simply not enough space. And, once you hit that limit, it’s virtually impossible to recover your data without turning to a third-party tool. 

But don’t worry! The solution is not nearly as hard as you think. In fact, someone with even the most limited amount of technical experience can easily solve their PST problem by using a PST splitter. This tool breaks down the 2GB file size limit and makes Outlook run faster than ever before. And, best of all, your information is never at risk: it easily restores every email, calendar entry, contact, and attachment file in your PST file.

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What does a PST splitter do?

Essentially, a PST splitter allows you to organize your Outlook data into smaller, useful sections, thereby avoiding the 2GB limit and making your data as secure as possible. This also makes it easier for your hard drive to access Outlook and can significantly reduce the time it takes for the program to boot up and run successfully.

Once you start to split PST files down into these smaller parts, there is no limit to the size or number of PST files you create. In that sense, one of the best parts about using a PST file splitter is the extensive customizability. You can choose to break down your PST file into sections by size, year, or date, for example. You can even arrange to have specific folders to manage your data. There is virtually no limit to this level of customization, and you can choose to split your PST file into as many parts as you want.

Ultimately, PST splitter programs are incredibly easy to use and can help prevent hours of frustration in the future – not to mention the money you might spend on data recovery. With extensive customizability and virtually endless organizational possibilities, it’s easy to see why many Outlook users use third-party PST splitter software to make their lives easier.  


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Total Data Recovery in 3 Easy Steps :

PST Scan Instructions

Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair

Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair
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Error Fix Features

More Features. More Power To Recover!
• Restores password-protected PST files
• Counter for mail folders representing number of items present in the tree structure
• Recovers individual emails in either MSG or EML format
• Allows to search the Outlook PST file in the system
• Restores data in a new PST on any (including network) that can be detected by the host OS
• Displays the item count in a panel at the bottom of the interface
• Searches for specific emails in the list of recoverable Outlook items

Simply The Best In PST Data Recovery.

• Recovers deleted emails if the PST file is not compacted or archived after the email deletion
• Generates a unique user profile for each PST file
• Outlook-resembling interface -previews messages in 3-view structure
• Does not require Outlook installation to use the Demo version, which previews all recoverable contents (including emails, distribution list, calendar, tasks and notes)
• Supports MS Outlook 2010. 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000
• Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP. 2000. and NT4 (SP6)

Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair

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